Friday, July 25, 2008


Let’s face it, dates usually do not go as planned. Generally women go on a date with certain expectations of what we want to do, where we want to go, and most importantly what kind of a man we want. This is where dating tips for men can come in handy. Unfortunately you can’t control very many aspects of your date, but you can charm her with your character. These dating tips for men can help you evaluate what your weaknesses are, so you start working on any character turn-offs that you may have.

Lacking Confidence/ Insecure
Women are drawn to confident men. We want a leader and protector. If you lack confidence or are insecure about yourself, take some time to think about why. While you’re at it, think about all the positive qualities you have. Start building your confidence.

Lacking Goals/ No Ambition
The ultimate goal of dating for a woman is to find her perfect match and marry him. You will not get a second date if you are lazy or lack ambition. She wants a provider, a go getter, a man she can be proud of. Make some goals for yourself. What are you striving to achieve? Where do you want to be in 1, 5, and 10 years? These will make for great conversation on your date. Open up a little and let her know some of the things you are passionate about.

Too Serious/ Lacking Humor
Enjoy the night. Be lighthearted. Have fun. Most girls do not want a joker, but being too serious can really put a damper on the evening. Smile, laugh, tease a little. Don’t take your self too seriously. It will be intimidating and make for an intense and strained date. If she enjoys your company, she’ll want to spend more time together. Start charming her with your smile.

Negativity is not fun. Maybe your excuse is “I’m just being realistic”. Whatever your reason, she is not looking for a negative man. Chances are she has enough problems without you pointing out the negative side of everything else. There is always something positive in a negative situation. Try thinking differently for a change. Remember what your mother taught you, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” My suggestion is, think of something nice to say.

Keep your independence. She wants to be pursued, not stalked. Remember she had a whole life of her own before you. Give her some space to do what she does and be who she is. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. If you are always right there, you’ll never give her a chance to miss you or think about you.

Self Pity
Poor, poor you. Are you 10 or 37. It’s time to put on your big boy shoes and grow up. If you really have issues hire a shrink, do not unload on your date. Either way, whatever it is, you need to get a ladder and get over it. Shit happens to everyone. Deal with it and move on. Women want a strong, confident man who can deal with issues.

So you thing you’re pretty cool huh. On the positive side, at least one of you will think you were great at the end of the night. Arrogance is confidence on steroids. Synonyms of arrogance are assuming (ass), bragger, conceited, egotistical, cocky. Just be you. Not the over the top version of you. Don’t tell her how great you are. Be the best you can be, so she can decide that you are the best guy ever.

Always Right
Be open minded and not stubborn. Your conversations will go much smoother. You don’t have to change your position on the topic, but take time to listen and consider the other side. It is really frustrating when a person always has to be right or is extremely (or even mildly) stubborn. You may want to check with your family and friends on this one. If you are one of those guys, chances are you won’t know it because you are, of course, always right.

While it is good to share information about yourself, it is also good to ask questions. Try to listen and respond with a question, instead of your own story. Also when planning dates, ask what she would like to do, instead of only considering what you like. Make an effort to do things you both like and consider each other. Everything is not about you, what you like, what you want, when you want, etc. It’s great that you know what you desire, just don’t be overbearing and inconsiderate.

Never at Fault
Mature men take responsibility for their actions. If you make a mistake or hurt her feelings, just apologize. You may feel weaker, but it actually makes you look stronger. Apologizing doesn’t always mean that you are wrong, it can simply mean that you realize your action played a part in a misunderstanding.

These dating tips for men serve as a guide to help draw attention to some major turn-offs for women. Some of these dating tips for men may come easy for you, while a couple may have stood out as hard habits to break. Now that you know, take some time to think about how you can minimize these turn-offs and focus on your positive qualities.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Menjaga Hati

Masih tertinggal bayanganmu
Yang telah membekas di relung hatiku
Hujan tanpa henti seolah bertanda
Cinta tak disini lagi kau telah berpaling

Biarkan aku menjaga perasaan ini
Menjaga segenap cinta yang telah kau beri
Engkau pergi aku takkan pergi

Kau menjauh aku takkan jauh
Sebenarnya diriku masih mengharapkanmu

Masih adakah cahaya rindumu
Yang dulu selalu cerminkan hatimu
Aku takkan bisa menghapus dirimu
Meskipun kulihat kau kini diseberang sana

Andai akhirnya kau tak juga kembali
Aku tetap sendiri menjaga hati
Sejujurnya aku masih mengharapkanmu


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lelaki Sejati

Aku bertanya pada Ibuku, bagaimanakah lelaki sejati itu ?

Ibuku menjawab, Nak...

Laki-laki Sejati bukanlah dilihat dari bahunya yang
kekar, tetapi dari kasih sayangnya pada orang

Laki-laki sejati bukanlah dilihat dari suaranya yang
lantang, tetapi dari kelembutannya mengatakan

Laki-laki sejati bukanlah dilihat dari jumlah
sahabat di sekitarnya, tetapi dari sikap
bersahabatnya pada generasi muda bangsa...

Laki-laki sejati bukanlah dilihat dari bagaimana dia
di hormati ditempat bekerja, tetapi bagaimana dia
dihormati didalam rumah...

Laki-laki sejati bukanlah dilihat dari kerasnya
pukulan, tetapi dari sikap bijaknya memahami

Laki-laki sejati bukanlah dilihat dari dadanya yang
bidang, tetapi dari hati yang ada dibalik itu...

Laki-laki sejati bukanlah dilihat dari banyaknya
wanita yang memuja, tetapi komitmennya terhadap
wanita yang dicintainya...

Laki-laki sejati bukanlah dilihat dari jumlah tanggungjawab
yang dibebankan, tetapi dari tabahnya dia menghadapi
lika-liku kehidupan...

Laki-laki Sejati bukanlah dilihat dari rajinnya
membaca kitab suci, tetapi dari konsistennya dia
menjalankan apa yang ia baca..